***LIFT, TONE & BUILD your BOOTY all while BURNING CALORIES! As similarly demonstrated in OXYGEN magazine this unisex BOOTY's 10 lb. Leg-Weight is specifically designed (oversized in length and counter-balanced) to distribute its weight directly onto the

Brand: CruxBody.fitness
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The BENEFITS of using CruxBody's BOOTYS Leg-Weights" will not only help you Tone or Build A Booty rewarding you with healthy long lasting natural results and a GREAT ASS but also minimizes cellulite while strengthening and toning your legs and hips helping you look better and feel sexier in and out of your clothes!! BOOTYS Leg-Weight is GREAT for Home Exercises/ Out Door/Office Exercises! BOOTYS Leg Weight is Great for doing some of the following exercises: Glute Kickbacks on the floor or off a Bench, Standing Glute Kickbacks, Stiff Leg Glute Raises on the floor or a Bench, Standing Stiff Leg Glute Raises, Stiff Leg Pulses on the floor or Bench, Standing Stiff Leg Pulses, 45 Degree Glute Raises, Stiff Leg Glute Circles, Stiff Leg Glute ABC's, Glute Kickbacks n Stiff Leg Glute Raises Combo, Laying down and standing Hip Abductors and Standing Hip Adductors just to name a few. *"When toned, glutes are engines that burn calories for fuel and have the greatest potential for weight management turning our bodies into fat-burning machines. Strong glutes improve your posture, relieve pressure on the lower back, stabilize hips, play a major role in keeping the knees healthy making our bodies less prone to injury and pain ensuring maximal muscle efficiency." National Institutes of Health (www.nih.gov) "
Features : BOOTYS" Leg -Weight is specifically designed to Strengthen, Tone and Build your Glutes, Abductors, Adductors and Legs *"BOOTYS" Leg-Weight is oversized in length and counter balanced specifically designed to distribute the weight directly onto the "Glutes" while exercising, producing great Booty Toning and Booty Building results *"BOOTYS" Leg-Weight activates your Glutes immediately due to them being a lot longer in length and counter balanced below the knee and above the ankle distributing the majority of the weight directly onto the Glutes making the Glutes, Abductors, Adductors and Legs work that much harder and in return getting great results that much faster *"BOOTYS" Leg-Weight gives the comfort and flexibility of a true full range of movement that is much greater and better than any Glute machine. "BOOTYS" Leg-Weight has adjustable Velcro Straps on the top, middle and bottom which ensures a snug fit and will not move or shift on your leg while exercising *"BOOTYS" Leg-Weight can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors no gym required. "
Color : Red
Size : One Size Fits All
Product weight : 0.1 pounds

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