Axis2Angle Golf Swing Trainer

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Axis2Angle golf swing trainer does exactly what the name implies. Golfers turn on their axis, which is the core of the body. As they turn the body in the backswing and move forward to impact and eventually to their follow through position, they need to be able to maintain the proper angles that are most appropriate through out thier full swing for consistent ball striking and ball flight. The validity Axis2Angle swing trainer provides for golfers of all ages and abilities is what sets it aside from other swing trainers. The two most important characteristics a training aid should embody are feel and feedback. Two characteristics usually provided to the golfer from their instructors.
Features : The Axis2Angle Golf Swing Trainer helps prevents slices by correcting out-to-in swing paths. *Helps cure shanks by developing a straight and true swing arc. *Pomotes proper spine angle through out the entire swing. *Helps ensure consistent and correct setup position for straighter, more accurate shots -- every time *The Axis2Angle Golf Swing Training Aid helps quickly and easily train your hands and body to return to their original address position at impact. "

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