Benran Cycling Bike Bicycle 3D Chain Cleaner Machine Brushes Scrubber Quick Clean Tool Bike Chain Cleaning Tool Quick Clean Scrubber Tool (White)

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Benran Bike Chain Machine Brushes Cycling Bike Bicycle 3D Chain Cleaner Machine Brushes Scrubber

You have just had a great ride through forest and mud or the urban trails, and need to clean the bike and chain to keep your drive train in top gear selecting condition by cleaning all areas- in 3D :) !!
This chain cleaner allows you to keep your drive train in top condition by removing debris, trash, and such from the chain using a deep scrubbing action as the chain is moved through three different brush stages.
Exiting the cleaner, the chain is squeegee of excess cleaning fluid so you don't get more on the ground than used to clean the chain. Our bicycle chain cleaner is made of durable plastic to withstand normal wear for years to come, with brushes free-floating in the assembly to minimize what can break within the housing.
No longer is cleaning your bicycle chains a big mess. You simply clamp the unit on your bike chain, add a little cleaning solution to reservoir (Simple Green, etc.) and spin the cranks.
Using this simple method your chain is cleaned in under a minute! By turning the pedal, the chain runs through multiple rotating brushes which cuts through buildup and cleans grime as it goes with the wash helping to flush the chain clean of debris (though take a water hose doesn't hurt for caked on mud!).

Let's get rid of dirty!

Package Included:
1 x Mini Pocket Hex Wrench
Features : UNIVERSAL- Can be used with any drive chain on any type of bike- MTB, Touring, Cruiser! *DESIGN- There are no metal parts that can rust and break away leaving you frustrated. There are no sponges that should help" but instead get lost and allow fluid to run free. *EASY to USE- No need to remove chain from bicycle. Just simple clamp on bike where it sits and clean. *Quickly and easily cleans chains, freewheel cogs, and chain-rings. Dirty drive-trains shift poorly and wear out prematurely will disappear. *Effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning. "
Color : White

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