MilSpec OD Green Paracord. Guaranteed MIL-C-5040H Compliant, Military Survival 550 Parachute Cord, Type III. Made in U.S. 100% Nylon, 600 Lb. Break Strength, Free eBook. 8-Strand, 110 ft. Hank.

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U.S. Military Veteran Paracord Snobs hereby award you Bragging Rights!"

MILSPEC PARACORD, with FREE EBook and Copy of MIL-C-5040H!

"Real" MilSpec Paracord is stronger & more reliable than "commercial"parachute cord.

THIS Paracord is 100% Compliant with MilSpec C-5040H and The Berry Amendment and includes:

- 8 twisted Inner Strands
- EACH Inner Strand is made up of THREE (not two) twisted Inside Strands
- Uniquely colored ID Marker Strand
- 100% Nylon
- Average Breaking Strength over 600 lbs.

Commercial Paracord only has:

- No single manufacturing standard
- Typically only 7 or 6 twisted or straight Inner Strands
- Typically TWO (not three) twisted or straight Inside Strands
- Various materials & breaking strengths

Military & civilian paratroopers have trusted their lives to THIS Parachute Cord for decades.


- Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Parachuting, Motorcycling & ATV's
- Make a Paracord Bracelet, Key Fob, Leash, Lanyard, or Decorative Knot
- Hobbyists, Home, Garage, Gardening, Landscaping & Roofing
- Military, Paramilitary, Paracord Survival Strategies & "Bug Out Bags"
- Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services & Rescue Personnel
- Automotive Emergency Kits, Boating, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Arts & Crafts
- Farming, Ranching, Construction, Picnics & SO Much More!

YOUR Mil Spec Paracord will "Outrank" Your Friends' Commercial Paracords,
Guaranteed! And YOU Can Explain the Important Differences to Them!

Imagine Yourself being More Reliable & Prepared - Starting NOW!

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Features : ? THIS IS A 110 FOOT HANK OF OLIVE DRAB (OD) GREEN 107, 8-Strand, Type III, 100% guaranteed Military Specification C-5040H compliant, 550 Paracord, with a break strength of over 600 pounds.  It is proudly manufactured in the United States, from materials sourced in the United States, by a U.S. Military Veteran-owned and operated business. *? THIS MILSPEC PARACORD HAS EIGHT (not just seven!) X THREE removable, twisted Inner Strands, including the Manufacturer's colored Identification Strand. It is 1/8 inch in diameter, continuous and uncut, and manufactured from 100% Nylon. It is preshrunk and resists rot, mildew, ultra-violet light, abrasion and tangling. This MilSpec Paracord also includes two full-color, illustrated eBooks: We Love MilSpec Paracord and So Will You!" and "How to Tie 20 of the Most Useful Knots," and a copy of the Military Specification, MIL-C-5040H. These documents will be delivered to you by email after your purchase. *? TYPE III MILSPEC 550 PARACHUTE CORD IS a tough and durable, small diameter - 1/8" - inexpensive, lightweight, 100% nylon, Kernmantle cord. It has required minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds, and is made up of 7-9 X 3 twisted Inner Strands (the "kern") that slide freely inside of an outer protective "sheath," (the "mantle"). It was initially developed by the United States military for use as parachute suspension lines during World War II, with a truly extraordinary breaking strength, especially relative to its small diameter. It continues to be used on both military and civilian parachutes today. Paracord is now manufactured in two general varieties: (1) tightly-defined Military Specification or "Mil-Spec" Paracord, and (2) undefined and unregulated "Commercial" Paracord. Mil Spec Paracord is stronger and more reliable than "commercial" Paracord. Mil-Spec Paracord is also more flexible and "supple" than commercial paracord, making it an easy choice for crafters and hobbyists to use when making paracord bracelets and other paracord projects. Because of its small size, portability, affordability, versatility and exceptional breaking strength, mil spec 550 military cord has become a favorite survival, utility and crafting rope or cord used daily by both military and civilian personnel, sportsmen and hobbyists throughout the world. Paracord is also referred to as: parachute cord, 550 paracord, 550 parachute cord, 550 cord, survival cord, paracord rope, paracord string, parachute rope, military cord, cord for bracelets, survival cord, military cord, tactical cord & utility cord, among many other names. *? WHO USES MIL-SPEC PARACORD? Personnel in the Military, Paramilitary, National Guard and Military Reserve. Emergency Response Personnel: Police and other Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, First Responders and other Rescue Personnel. Hobbyists, Survivalists, Landscapers, Bicyclists, Warehousers, Logging and Lumber Workers, Roofers, Home Builders, Home Painters, Landscapers, Road and Street Construction Workers, Truckers, Boy and Girl Scouts, Household Movers, Farmers and Ranchers, Students and Teachers. Sportsmen: Hunters, Fishermen, Campers, Hikers, Boaters and Canoers, Scuba Divers, Surfers, Riders of All Terrain Vehicles, Backpackers, Families on Picnics, and SO many more. *? WHAT IS PARACORD USED FOR? Securing or lashing luggage or gear, clothesline, shoe or boot laces, emergency stitches, starting a fire, emergency tourniquet, grips on knives, axes or other hand tools, rifle sling, holder strap for sunglasses, zipper pull, learning to tie knots, whistle lanyard, pulling out a loose tooth, tie off a 6-pack of beer to cool it by submerging it into a cold lake or stream, make a net, tie a door open or closed, tent rope, hang a sign, fish stringer, tie a label onto a suitcase or luggage, phone case, macrame projects, paracord bracelet, key fob, self-defense weapon (monkey fist), mark off "wet paint" area, dog collar, dog run line, sew a button on, tie a fly, snare or trap, net, fishing line or trotline, repair wicker furniture, necklace, secure electrical or electronic cords together, string Christmas or other decorative lights, crabbing, lash a boat to the dock, boat anchor line, tie climbing vines to trellis, tie an inner tube raft together, sling or splint for an injured limb, "soft patch" repair a hose or pipe, string cans together for an alarm, string "just married" cans together and tie to a car, suspend food out of reach from wild animals, restring a baseball glove, hang a bicycle or tools in the garage, basketball hoop net, flag halyard line, hammock, hang a bird feeder, bundle firewood together, fencing, tie hanks of paracord so that they don't get tangled, macrame projects, binoculars strap, dental floss, sandal strap, bow drill for starting a fire, support a pole for a lean-to shelter, flashlight lanyard, rope off a perimeter fence, hang a piñata, tie a surfboard to an ankle strap, attach a water bottle to a backpack or belt, hang rolls of duct tape in the garage, attach boat bumpers to a boat, snowshoes, pull dead limbs from a tree for a campfire ... and SO much more. "
Color : Olive Drab Green 107 8 or 11 Strand MilSpec
Size : 8-Strand, 110 Ft. Hank
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Got it. Excellent product of packing! Everything works perfectly!

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Nice Product Good Packaging original as mentioned.

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Works excellent as promised.

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