NEW Oasis Muscle Relief System - Muscle Roller Stick Massager 14", 19", 25" all in one. Great for Sore Muscles, Myofasical Release, Warmup and Recovery. Athletes Love it!

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NEW Oasis Muscle Relief System - Muscle Roller Stick Massager 14", 19", 25" all in one. Great for Sore Muscles, Myofasical Release, Warmup and Recovery. Athletes Love it!

By now, most people are familiar with foam rollers and understand the many benefits they provide. But perhaps you do not know much about muscle roller sticks, and how our product favorably compares to foam rollers and other sticks on the market. How?

The answer seems intuitive. To the eye, muscle roller sticks are mostly the same, similar to a baker's rolling pin, one dimensional in their use. Same goes for foam rollers, what you see is what you get.

Could it be that sticks aren't as popular as foam rollers because they are newer to the market? Unlikely, products such as "The Stick" have been around since 1988. Is it that sticks such as IDSON and Supremus provide a lower quality massage than foam rollers? Partially. Cheap muscle roller models don't provide the same pressure as foam rollers due to their weak rods.

So, your muscles do not recognize the difference between a foam roller and a muscle roller stick, only the application is different. So what is special about the Oasis Muscle Relief System? It is as simple as it is brilliant.

What we have found is that every person, and their muscles, has preferred methods of massage application. Whether the competitor is plastic, foam, or rubber, none provide the freedom to customize. This is why the Oasis Muscle Relief System is the authority for muscle relief - because our product allows the user to choose the type of application, as well as choose the suitable length depending on where relief is needed. The Oasis Muscle Relief System evolves as time goes on - more accessories come out as we learn more about muscles and what type of application is best for each muscle group.

The freedom to choose the type of material to apply, with the added freedom of customizable lengths, ensures your entire body is properly massaged, providing more relief than any one-and-done product on the market.

Features :
  • Muscle Roller Stick designed to stand tall where others fall short. Alleviate muscle pain, soreness, cramps and knots before and after workouts with the new and improved portable self massage tool. THE ONLY CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH STICK ON THE MARKET! It's like getting 3 sticks for the price of one!
  • Highest Quality on the Market - Patent Pending design based off of customer feedback featuring zinc plated steel rods offering customizable lengths. Unique silicone rubber handle designed to dig deep into muscles and target stubborn trigger points. 16 ABS plastic rollers included, giving you the freedom to choose between 5, 10, and 15 roller lengths with your choice in color scheme. *We will never sacrifice our quality to compete with cheap imitators*
  • Avoid Loss in Flexibility stemming from inactive, exhausted muscles. This self massage tool gives you what you need to reach those hard-to-get-to muscles, allowing you to provide your muscles with the myofascial release they so desperately desire! 15 roller length is great for partner massage, for those looking to dive deep into sore, under utilized muscles.
  • Muscle Roller Sticks are recommended by personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletes around the world. Used for feet, legs (calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes), back, arms, shoulders, and neck. Step your game up and recover like a pro.
  • INCLUDED: 2 high quality silicone rubber handles, 3 zinc plated steel rods, 16 rollers (In case you lose one or want to trade a partner for a different color), custom muscle roller stick carrying/storage drawstring bag, insert with proper muscle rolling techniques. STAY TUNED FOR NEW ADD-ON ACCESSORIES AND COLOR SCHEMES, COMING SOON!

Color : Black/Green

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