Privacy Policy

SportsDealBox perceives customer security to be important and valuable. The outline of the privacy policy is mentioned below. Any personally identifiable information is stored safely in a database and is processed fairly according to the terms of the privacy policy. It can also be used as and whenever it’s required by law. 

Suitable organizational and technical measures are taken to protect personal information against unlawful processing or unauthorized use. This also includes data encryption in accordance with the industry standards.

Certain information is gathered whenever you happen to visit our website. This constitutes full name, date of birth, shipping address, ZIP code along with the essential details. Purposes galore as to why the information is gathered. Order processing, responding to complaints, applicable refund processing are some of the tasks for which the information is used. Once the purpose is fulfilled, the information is deleted and is no longer used for any other purpose.

Generally, our team doesn’t have access to credit card/debit card information. Only after instructions are given, the card processing agents process data related to payments / online transactions.    

When you register details, you have the option of availing offers and deals that change season after season. At any point of time, you may click ‘unsubscribe’ so that we no longer communicate with you in future. 

Your information is kept confidential and is never misused by our team. Moreover, we don’t share anything with Third parties unless and until we hand over the authority. During any instance, we may need to transfer data for efficient product delivery, payment/ refund processing, or sending messages related to product promotions.

Cookies and many other technologies can help our website recognize when you stop by the site. These aid to personalize the online experience and promote items suited to the requirements and preferences. By adjusting browser settings, cookies can be disabled whenever you want to. The website may contain links to direct you to other sites. Once you get directed, we assume that you have agreed to their terms of a privacy policy. You no longer bound to our privacy policy. 

Cookie Policy
This policy brings in the meaning and importance of cookies. It also speaks about its usage and how you can switch/decline them at any point of time. 
We use own cookies along with third party cookies to boost the online web experience. This helps for the efficient functioning of the website. In particular, cookies are used for the following purposes.
To enhance the experience like never before.
To remember products are added to the shopping cart.
Remember the history of items which you had gone through earlier.
To help you set up an account, place orders and make payments easily.

Everything about cookies
Cookies are nothing but small size files which are stored on the electronic device while you are surfing the web. These don’t store personal details but non-personal information. You can also think about the capture of technical information that’s associated with the system. It could be IP address, version of the operating system, or the type of the browser used for navigation. 

Here are the different types of cookies

Session Cookies
Session cookies exist during the time interval as soon as you have logged in till the time you decide to log off. Post log off, the cookies no longer exist on the hard drive. 

Persistent Cookies
Though the session expires, persistent cookies don’t get deleted but are stored on the hard drive. They can be removed from the system only when you go about deleting them manually.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Such kinds of cookies are necessary for the site. If these are disabled, then you’re online experience might get disturbed. You may not be able to add items to the shopping cart or make an online purchase.  

Performance Cookies
These are useful when anonymous data has to be collected from visitors. We may use this type of information to improve the experience in future and identify problems faced by the users. 

Functionality Cookies
These are used when it’s time to improve the looks as well as customize it according to the preferences. For instance, the language and username are remembered the next time the user visits again.

Targeting / Advertising Cookies
Such cookies help to deliver advertisements which are designed for various types of web activities. A targeting cookie keeps a tab on what has been clicked on the site and may share information with other companies and affiliates. The sole purpose is to gauge the performance of the advertising campaign.  

In case you choose to turn off / decline cookies, then you might find it tough to shop online or use certain sections of the website. Check online if you are unaware about how you should be changing the browser settings. 

If you have any queries / questions or wish not to become a part of any of our activities, then click the ‘unsubscribe’ option. Alternatively, you can communicate with us via email.
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