5 Common Weightlifting Mistakes That We Make Too Often!

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Majority of the people devote great efforts lifting weight every day but when it comes to results, disappointment creeps in. When weightlifting can be one of the best ways to burn fat, build muscle and lose pounds, we often end up making common mistakes which reduce the effectiveness of our efforts. Does weightlifting leave you tired all the time? Many novice lifters make fundamental mistakes either in their diet, workout habits or overall planning that prevents them from achieving long-term success.
1. Poor Diet Plan:  Unless one incorporates a healthy diet into one’s workout plan, nothing can bring the results. Both losing weight and adding muscles require the diet plans that enable them to accordingly achieve the desired results. 
2. Excessive Lifting: While being overambitious about the workout, we often end up making this silly mistake of overdoing than what is actually required. Never let your ego stand in the way of a good workout. Ensure that you use the best workout accessories for the gym. 
3. Resting Too Little or Too Long between Sets: We spend most of the time during our workouts not actually working out and resting too long between sets than what is required. On the other hand, to reap the fastest results, some gym enthusiasts keep rest periods as short as possible or eliminate them altogether.
4. Track the Progress: Apart from just working out, you also need to track the details of your workouts — how much weight was on the bar, which exercises and how many repetitions are working most effective so that you can assess how far you stand from your final goal. 
5. Using Improper Form: Most people step into the gym without having a clue about proper form on many exercises and this lack of knowledge obstructs their gains and causes unnecessary and unavoidable injuries.
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